Saturday, 9 June 2012

Walk 102

Withernsea to Hornsea 19miles
Withersea Lighthouse

Coastal Erosion
Today was the best day of the week weather wise, and you can see this by the 2 pics I have posted, both taken in Sunny Withernsea.  Someone described to me Withernsea as "a council estate by the sea!" and they were not wrong!! I have never seen so many "Hoodies" in such a small area!!!! 

So, onto the walk....I hopped onto the beach with the intention of walking most of the way to Hornsea, but due to the on rushing tide I had to abandon this idea at Monkwith. I was in a bit of a panic because of the tide, but fortunately I managed to find a spot to scramble up the cliff before I was caught out!  The only reason I could climb up the cliff was due to the coastal erosion in this area and my  pic highlights this problem!!!

 The rest of today's walk was along roads through the villages of Hilston, Garton, Aldborough and Mapleton and then finally Hornsea.  Hornsea is a nice little town and 100% better than Withernsea

Withernsea Seafront

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