Sunday, 29 June 2014

Walk 175

Kishorn to Applecross 14miles

Its only been 3 weeks since my last walk and today's hike up the Bealach Na Ba is one I've been looking forward too for a very long time.  I started the day bright and early in Inverness with a train journey to Strathcarron where I hoped there would be a bus waiting to pick me up to take me on my final leg to Kishorn, the bus was there! hooray for public transport!!!  Bryn the bus driver had to stop in Locharron to pick up someones sausages from the butchers, bus driver and delivery boy all rolled into one.  Soon enough I was standing on the roadside in Kishorn looking up at today's "monster" climb over the Bealach, I wound my way around the small A896 towards Tornapress where I turned right and was immediately faced with a nice warning sign telling me I could go around the hill if I wanted too but as it was 23deg warm and sunny I decided to ignore it!  The first part of the climb was relatively easy and gently climbed to 600ft this soon ended as I turned the first sharp corner and things started to get steep, I was passed by a few cyclists who informed me as they struggled up the hill that I would probably catch them up in a while, needless to say I didn't!

1000 Ft View

I had to stop and admire the views a lot and I felt sorry for the car drivers who passed me and wasn't able to stop on this road and look at what I could see. Not long after 1500ft the tough part of the climb came with the hairpin bends all the way to the summit.

All to soon I was at the top and according to my GPS the summit was in fact 2083ft but who knows, I certainly wasn't going to get my measuring tape out!!!!

The journey down into Applecross wasn't as nice as the climb but you do get some great views across the bays to Skye and beyond.  I had to admire the skill and nerve of the cyclists as they tackled the downhill stretch, they were going at some speed.

Accommodation: Applecross Youth Hostel.  This hostel is located just outside Applecross at Hartfield, the accommodation has just been built and it was a great nights stay at £25.00 for my own room, there is a restaurant just around the corner that does fantastic veggie breakfasts

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