Sunday, 17 July 2011

Walk 69

Burnham on Crouch to Steeple 25miles

A very straight forward walk today along the seawall known locally as the "Dengie", all 25miles were on the flat and mind numbingly boring, so it was on with the Ipod set to shuffle and head down for 8 hours.  I did manage to shake off an estury today and finally met up with the North Sea (my sea of choice for the next few thousand miles!) Though the walking itself was tediousI did manage to stop off for lunch at a spot which is popular with bird watchers,  I got chatting to 5 very nice blokes who not only made me a brew but also shared their ginger nut biscuits!
                 Just after my lunch stop I managed to pop onto the beach and rounded the headland for my trek up and down the Blackwater Estury, it was at this point I had my first view of the now decomissioned nuclear power station at Bradwell, what a complete eysore, big ugly brute of a building walked very quickly past it!  The rest of the day was plain sailing all the way into Steeple and my nights accomodation ( which for £50 was pretty poor).

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