Sunday, 17 July 2011

Walk 70


Steeple to Mersea island 29miles

Yes you have read it correctly I walked 29miles today in just on 9 hours, a complete cock up by me as it should have been only 25!!. So today started with a trek down the Blackwater Estury into Maldon which is very nice ( see Pic), then it was along a really quiet canal which runs along side the estury, its was a hot day today and I manged to find some shade by the side of the canal for a lunch stop (very very nice) It was then onto the main business of the day which was 13miles of road walking, which is very hard on the feet but keeps you focused in order not to get run over by some of the idiots on the road!! The final destnation of Mersea Island was very nice, and talk about saving the best till last..the B&B was fantastic the best so far in all of my travels!!! :)

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