Monday, 26 May 2014

Walk 170

Arisaig to Mallaig 10miles - Ferry - Inverie to Kinloch Hourn 15miles
The day was beautiful bright sunshine and within 5 minutes I was offered a lift into Arisaig! I once again decline the lift and ambled on through the village.  The journey for the first part of today to Mallaig was along roads but thankfully half was via quiet country roads and lovely sandy bays. All too soon I was back on the main road to Mallaig but at least this section had a cycle path so I wasn't having to dice with death!
I ducked into a cafe in Mallaig as I was 45mins early for my ferry to Inverie. The ferry is a costly £11.00 (wow!) but I had no alternative but cough up the cash! however for sheer exilaration its worth every penny, blimey its fast and just brilliant, money well spent!!!

So it was onto the main walk of the day Inverie to Kinloch Hourn. I started up a nice wide track out of Inverie through a forest this soon ends and I dropped down into a glen on the way to Loch an Dubh-Lochain, the weather and scenery is superb and I thought the best way to get this across is to flood this entry with my pictures.

The path followed the Inverie river until it reached
the loch, I had met 17 people along the path but as it
started to climb I was the last person standing and boy was it a climb! topping out at 1426ft, this I think
is the biggest hill I have had to climb on the whole of
my walk. The view from the top down into Barrisdale was just stunning I stood for a while to catch my breath and to take in the scenery. All too
soon I was descending down the track into Barrisdale this was quite a tricky decent but well worth it  Once I was at the bottom of the hill I passed by the Bothy at Barrisdale, I popped in but there was no one at home!

The next 6 miles were amongst the worst/difficult
I have had to travel along for quite a while, it wasn't
so much the mud but the path was very rocky and went up and down and up and down. It took me 4 hours to travel the 6 miles to Kinloch Hourn and I couldn't wait to see the tarmac as I entered the village! Really I cant stress how hard this section of coast is to walk. Good Luck!

Accommodation: Kinloch Hourn Tea Rooms £30.00 BnB. Remote and no mains Elec but nice accommodation.

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