Friday, 2 September 2016

Walk 225

Cockburnspath to Eyemouth 18miles

After a long and torturous trip to my start point I was very glad to see the coast path sign at Cockburnspath, this however was not without incident because as I was making my way towards the path I came across a path closed sign, now normally I ignore these signs but this one had workmen around it so it meant business!!! I quickly took the detour and I was soon on the coast path skirting around the lovely harbour at Cove.
When I look at the picture I think that the house in the bay must be a lovely place to live on a warm late summers day like today, but in winter when there is a storm brewing!!!
          I carried on following the Berwickshire Coast Path signs and basically ignored my map

Pease Bay
I made my way around Pease Bay and then had to head inland for a while but the day was nice and the path was fantastic, just before Dowlaw there is a monster up and down hill that I had been warned about, and it was a true lung buster!! my journey up the hill wasn't helped by the rotting corpse of a dead sheep, phew what a smell!!! Not long after Dowlaw are the measured mile markers, these were used to test the speed of ocean going vessels before technology came along.
           I soon headed back to the coast just before St Abbs Head and its stumpy lighthouse.

St Abbs Head
The coast path was really hugging the coast now and it was a bit up and down in places, I passed via by St Abbs and the lovely bay at Coldingham before arriving finally into Eyemouth.  Eyemouth is a lovely town and is the biggest South Westerly port in Scotland!

Accommodation: The Pink house, 2 Tods Court. Eyemouth £35.00 For the price you will never get anything better, just superb -  5 Stars

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