Monday, 5 September 2016

Walk 228

Seahouse to Amble 25miles

I headed along the road to Breadnell, here I was able to walk along the beach at Breadnell Bay.
Breadnell Bay
It was a really nice start to the day as I wandered across the 2 mile bay.  At the end of the bay is Football Hole and I sometimes think  "how did that bay get its name?"  I walked on along the coast and suddenly I turned a corner and there was Dunstanburgh Castle, its quite impressive.

Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle
I skirted around the side of the castle and then suddenly I was hit by a wall of people all walking towards the castle, I couldn't quite believe how many people were on the coast path, I could see Craster in the distance and it was like a long snake all the way to the village!
           The path hugged the coast through Craster, Boulmer and finally arriving in Alnmouth.  At Alnmouth I had taken a look at the possibility of wading across the river Alne, but I think I was about 1 hour the wrong side of low tide to attempt it so I plodded inland towards Hipsburn, though on the upside I managed a nice photo looking back towards Alnmouth.
The View back to Alnmouth

The bridge over the River Alne

After cutting inland I walked back towards the beach but decided to stay on top of the sand dunes as the tide was coming in, the sand dunes between Alnmouth and Warkworth are very high and as I was walking along them I heard a buzzing noise,  the next think I saw was a light aircraft flying past me above the beach lower than where I was standing! I was glad I wasn't on the beach I may have been run over!!
No sign of the plane in this picture!
Eventually I headed inland due to the large river at Warkworth.  Warkworth has a nice castle but due to the fading light I was unable to get any decent pictures.  I followed the river for a while and then headed off towards my bed for the night at Amble.

Accommodation: Harbour Guest House, Leazes St, Amble £35.00 BnB.  Very nice, comfortable and close to all the amenities.

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