Friday, 14 December 2012

The Albion Hotel, Bangor

What do you mean "the door doesn't fit"
Trenchfoot going to the loo

Shower Anyone!!!!!!
I had been let down at the last moment by my original choice of accommodation which is why I ended up in this dump.  Firstly its a pub not a hotel, secondly they have a licence to play music until 1am and thirdly the room was a disgrace. The owner apologised for the leak in the bathroom but said at the time that  " he couldn't find where the water was coming from!" well I'm not a plumber but I could tell where the leak was located!!  I had to wear my walking shoes to go to the toilet the carpet was so wet (and getting wetter by the minute) the shower was just disgusting I wouldn't wash my dog in it let alone myself.  So here are a few pics....enjoy.

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