Saturday, 28 September 2013

Walk 131

Millom to Ravenglass 22miles

Hod Barrow Lighthouse
Today was a much better day with sunshine and showers in the forecast. I left the BNB with a spring in my step and made my way around the bay to Haverigg via a great lighthouse at Hod Barrow. At Haverigg I managed to hop onto the beach and this took me all the way to Stilecroft, I thought long and hard at Stilecroft on whether I should carry on along the beach as the tide was coming in fast but I risked it and made it to Gutenby where I was able to climb up the cliff to meet the path at the top.

Cold Fell
A lot of the cliff top paths have way markers but they are not marked on the map so this must be quite a new route. Eventually the cliff path runs out and this took me along a quiet road for a few miles, taking me through Bootle and this in turn led down to the coast road. This road takes you past a MOD rifle range and onto a road that is impassible at high tide, now I had seen a few road signs warning me of this fact but I chose to ignore them thinking that the road may have a splashing of water on it but how wrong was I? The road was 2 feet underwater!!! so what I did next is classified and has no place on this blog other to say that judging by the fact the fences on both side of the river were squashed down I'm not the only person to take this course of action!!!!

Once on the other side of the river I walked downstream for 1/2mile and then the route took me inland through Muncaster Park via Romannn bath ruin, this lead onto Ravenglass which is a really nice village and the highlight was a great pub on the railway platform that does fantastic food.

Romann Bath Ruins

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