Saturday, 28 September 2013

Walk 133

Parton to Silloth 24.5miles

The day started with a road climb towards Lowca, this was a bit of a novelty as most of the last 200 miles had been on the flat and in fact I think it was Llandudno since I last walked up a hill this steep!

Half a mile after Lowca a sign pointing towards the sea informed me I was walking on the Solway Coast Path, this was news to me because once again this is not marked on the map but I followed the sign anyway, this took me along the coast to Harrington and on towards Workington. Just before Workington there is a path on your left hand side that takes you up a very big hill which looks like it will lead you around the coast but is in fact a dead end!! So I chose to take the path that runs parallel with the railway line, this eventually leads you to a shopping complex, just after this you have to cross the Northside Bridge, this bridge is brand new as the original was washed away in the floods of 2009. Once over the bridge you pick up the No72 cycle route again, this takes you through Flimby and onto Maryport.  I must say Maryport is a seaside town that has made and effort to change with the times and is playing to their strengths, there is a lot of info about their Roman heritage and its just a delight to walk around.

Maryport Fishermen
The last 13 miles all the way to Silloth was along a busy coast road, unfortunatly you cant walk along the sands dunes as there are signs every few hundred yards asking you to keep off the dunes dune to coastal erosion!

I arrived in Silloth in exactly 7 hours and what a lovely place ( except the big ugly factory on the outskirts!) The village green on the front is just fantastic.

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