Monday, 4 May 2015

Walk 197

Dunbeath to Helmsdale 14.5miles

After a 7 month absence from my coast walk I couldn't wait to get going again.... but I had an 8 hour journey to my start point!.  I arrived at Dunbeath just after 5pm, I was hoping to make it to Helmsdale before it got dark but I had forgotten to factor in that Scotland in May gets darker a lot later than Devon!

Looking back to Dunbeath
The weather had also decided to play ball and it was a barmy evening in NE Scotland.  I had a big hill to climb out of Dunbeath that seemed to go on forever but at least I was fresh and raring to go! I soon made it to the top and was rattling through the villages of Borgue and Newport these eventually led onto Berrisdale, now I thought the hill out of Dunbeath was steep but the one into and out of Berrisdale is something else! you know its steep when it has a gravel "escape" lane for cars at the bottom!!
             The rest of the journey was a little up and down and skirted around the village of Badbea, I arrived at 9.15pm and it was still light (phew!) but it was still light at 10.15pm so I needn't have worried about the time. :)

Accommodation: Helmsdale Hostel £19.00.  I was attracted to this Hostel because of having single beds instead of Bunks. It was very clean and very comfortable....for a hostel!

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