Saturday, 9 May 2015

Walk 202

Alness to Cromarty 25.5miles

After a refreshing nights sleep I was ready for another long slog today, this was to be day 2 of the enforced walk around Nigg bay due to the fact that the Nigg to Cromarty ferry not running.
I had decided to stick to the cycle path as I walked out of Alness and a few miles down the road I came across a bird sitting on the path, I expected the bird to fly away but no! he was too busy having a kip and I managed to get a great close up picture of him!  The cycle path takes you around Alness Bay eventually running out at Drummond where you have to pick up the very busy A9, a few miles down the road and I was crossing the Cromarty Firth at last!!!! Hooray!!
The view from the bridge across Cromarty Firth
Once over the bridge I took the very quiet B9169 which took me through Elan Vannin and onto Balbair eventually joining up with the B9163.
View Across Cromarty Firth
The views were fantastic looking across Cromarty Firth and for the first time in a couple of days I was glad to be walking around the bay instead of taking the ferry.  As I made my way through Jemimaville I glanced behind me and noticed the storm clouds gathering, I still had around 5 miles to go to Cromarty would I make it in time before the rain came.........the answer like most other times was a resounding NO, about 1 mile away from Cromarty the heavens opened and I got soaked!!!  I managed to find a cafe in Cromarty to try and dry off before catching the bus to my overnight stay in Munlochy.

Accommodation: Orcadia BnB, Munlochy £35.00 A room in someones house.  A really nice couple who looked after me with tea and cakes

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