Friday, 13 January 2012

Walk 83

Swansea to Oxwich Bay 17miles

A drizzley sort of day greeted me as I set out across Swansea Bay towards the Mumbles, I was fourtunate as the tide was very low so I could cross most of the bay via the beach. 5 miles later and I was walking along the "Mumbles Mile" so called as many years ago it was one of my favourite pub crawls! but alas like most things time waits for no man and most of the pubs have gone missing (closed down I presume) so it was a grim place to be on this Sunday morning :(
I navigated around the headland at the end of the Mumbles and was plesantly supprised by the fantastic path that runs around the coast all the way to Langland Bay, not only was it tarmac it also had a handrail!!! WOW ( see pic1 of Langland bay) the next 6 miles were a series of lovely bays including Caswell bay, Brandy cove, Pwili Bay and Pennard Burrows all infinatley better than yesterdays trudge! At Pennard I had to navigate the stepping stones arcoss the river which are a tense moment on any given day, thankfully I managed not to fall in again!!! After this I naviagted around Three Cliffs Bay (see pic 2) and picked up the beach all the way along Oxwich Bay arriving at the hotel just before it got dark Phew!

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