Friday, 13 January 2012

Walk 82

Porthcawl to Swansea 20miles

This was one of those walks you need to do but have been putting off for a while, this is due to the fact that you have a lot of road walking and Port Talbot!!! Things started off quite well with a walk along the promenade at Porthcawl and then on to the coastpath, where I noticed a brand new marker post with "the Wales Coast Path" badge attached to the top , this is significant because from May 5th 2012 (the offical opening of all 870 miles of the Wales coast path) you can navigate your way around Wales coast using these marker posts....well done Wales!
So navigating around Porthcawl I was off into open countryside and my first obstical was the local golf course, which I must say had the nicest greens I have ever seen, they looked like someone had laid carpet! Anyhow the only pic of the day was taken on my way out of Portcawl looking back towards the town. I then managed to hop onto the beach and walk all the way to Margam before having to set off inland to walk the final 14 miles along very busy roads crossing the M4 twice!!! :( not much to say about the suburbs I walked through except Grim!


  1. good for them putting the markers up. maybe all counties should follow their lead. might make the walking business boom.

  2. its a shame though that when you get to Pennard Burrows most of the marker posts have been graffitied on with the word "eysore", some people eh? or should I say Bloody Welsh!