Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Walk 81

Llantwit Major to Porthcawl 17miles

A perfect start to the day with a lift from my friend Ken to my start point, clear blue skies and what I would describe as the perfect temperature for walking 8deg! For those of you keeping up with my blog you will see I've started to travel in the clockwse direction again so this entry links to Walk 42.

Anyhow the day itself was perfect, I started with a small climb out of Llantwit beach and it was great to see today was going to be a series of up and down valleys which were a welcome sight after the "boring fens" The first dip took me down towards St Donats College and I was impressed with their outdoor swimming pool! it was then on to the Nash Lighthouse (see pic) and a small dip to Nash point, the second pic was taken looking towards Traeth Mawr. A series of up and down valleys led me to Ogmore by the sea at this point I was faced with having to go inland due to the river estury. I walked along mostly riverbank until I reached the sewage works and then had to road walk until Ogmore castle where I could traverse the river via stepping stones which I found quite hairy!!! I was jut glad there wern't wet ! I was then into a small forest area which took me in turn to the sand dunes on Mertur-Mawr Warren, by now the wind had whipped up and blew straight in my face all the way along Porthcawl beach. Portcawl is Ok its a shame you can't get around the coast path due to a bloody big caravan site. :(

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