Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Walk 79

Wells Next The Sea to Heacham 22miles

Yet another poor nights sleep in the a YHA, I really dont know why I do it...............Anyhow, as I walked down the High St in Wells I was dumbfounded as why this place is so expensive to live as in my mind its just another pretty Norfolk village, but £57,000 for a beach hut....really I ask you? So the first part of todays walk was nice because in took me via a small wooded area which gave me some respite from the cold wind that had been blowwing in my face for the last 3 days! this took me into Burnham (3rd one so far). Today everything had gone back to being very flat with the only views of Norfolk Fens and of course windmills! I trudged relentlessly through Brancaster(see Pic) and onto Thornham, at this point though I do think I need to point something out....not since Essex have I had the mis-fortune to meet such miserable people during my days walking, I will ALWAYS say hello to anyone who I pass on my way but in Norfolk I was lucky to barely get a grunt out of most of the people I met SHAME ON YOU ALL.

The final part of the jouney tody was through Hunstanton and like Gt Yarmouth it was just another seaside town, however the beach was fantatstic (see pic).

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