Sunday, 21 June 2015

Walk 206

Nairn to Forres 18.5miles

Today I passed out of the Highlands and into Moray, this was quite a historic moment for me as I had traipsed my way around the Highlands for many a walk and now it was time to leave!
Nairn Beach
The day was cloudy and rain hung in the air as I made my way along the beach at Nairn, the other very pleasing fact about today was that this marked the first of many days without having to walk along a main road YAYYYYY.  Soon the beach ran out and the massive Culbin  forest started, a clear track skirts around the edge of the forest separating you from the marsh and the trees.
Looking back to Nairn
The forest goes on for many a mile and it was nice not hearing any road noise today, after a couple of miles I passed the borderline between the Highlands and Moray fortunately it was marked on the map!  The path eventually ran out and I was faced with scrambling over dunes until I reached the beach and what a beach!!! I couldn't believe that I was the only person on what can only be described as a spectacular beach.
You can see the gap between Cromarty and Nigg in this Picture!

I walked for a few miles along the beach until I reached Finhorn bay, I turned inland towards Forres and I stayed on the beach for as long as possible until I was forced into walking through the forest and eventually a few minor roads towards the town of Forres.  Today had been one of the best days walking since the north coast of Scotland and little did I know that in the next 8 days things were going to get even better.!!!!!

Accommodation: Waverley Hotel, Nairn for a second night

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