Sunday, 28 June 2015

Walk 213

Newburgh to Aberdeen 15miles

It had rained heavily all night and was still raining as I boarded my bus back to re start my walk at Newburgh.  Luckily as I got off the bus the rain stopped! I made my way to the beach and the highlight of today, 11 miles of route one beach walking!!

The wind had really whipped up and it was great to stand and watch the kite surfers ride the wind and waves. I carried on along the beach (via GC15) mile after mile of sand, eventually I had to cut inland in order to cross the superb Bridge of Don.
Bridge of Don

All too soon the my 9 days of walking had come to an end in the city of Aberdeen,  This 9 days has been some of my favourite walking in all of Scotland and what a contrast the east coast is to the west coast, on the west coast I barely saw a few miles of beach whereas on the east coast you can't swing a cat without hitting one!

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