Friday, 11 March 2016

Walk 215

Stonehaven to St Cyrus 23.5miles

The day was grey again and this was to be the theme for most of the next 10 days. I made my way out of town largely uphill and took a picture of the bay.
I followed a path around the bay via Downie Point and headed full steam towards my highlight of the whole 11 days....Dunnottar Castle, I had been looking forward to seeing this castle for the last 200 miles and I wasn't disappointed! Its just amazes me how they managed to build such a fantastic castle with so little technology and equipment, its just mind blowing!!
Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle

I carried on around the bay at Dunnottar following an unmarked path until I reached Gallaton where I cut inland and picked up the A92 this was quite a busy road but I soon branched off and headed towards Crawton. At Crawton I cut inland again via a farmers field! and picked up a small minor road and this eventually took me to Inverbervie. Thankfully from Inverbervie there is a great cycle path that hugs the coast taking me through Gourdon and Johnshaven. I stopped at the pub for a cuppa in Johnshaven and to ask the "locals" about the rest of the route along the coast (this I have found is always a good way of getting a good idea of what lies ahead!) they poured over my maps and told me that I could get all the way around to St Cyrus, the only tricky bit would be around the caravan park at the Milton of Mathers.  So I carried on towards St Cyrus, picking my way through the shingle beach at the caravan park eventually arriving at my second "do not use the coast path as it may be unstable" sign of the week! I of course ignored it and carried on via a very precarious looking castle at West Mathers.
West Mathers Castle
From the angle I took this photo you can't appreciate how this castle is hanging onto the cliff by its fingertips! one big storm and this will be a goner!!
            I was glad I ignored the warning sign as I was able to get a great view of Montrose bay just before heading downhill and my accommodation for he night at Nether Warburton.
Montrose Bay
Accommodation: Eskview Farm, Nether Warburton £45.00. Very nice and very quiet!!

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