Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Walk 178

South Erradale to Melvaig 21miles

Today was an all road day which was a nice change from yesterdays exertions. The first few miles were along a quiet track which took me firstly past Opinan then onto Port Henderson, Badachro and finally yet another Sheidaig.


 Just after Sheildaig the rain came, I sheltered under a tree waiting patiently for the worst to pass but 15mins later I gave up and forged on regardless.  The quiet road soon met up with the much busier A832 and it was "hope I don't get squished by a lorry" time, the road passed through Charlestown and finally into Gairloch

Gairloch Beach
As you can see Gairloch has a fabulous beach, the facilities are a bit meagre but I finally found a pub that did lunch and so I was happy.  The busy road tailed off north and I took the much more sedate B road towards my final destination of Melvaig.  The sun had made a reappearance once I reached Big Sand which is another great descriptive name and really says it all about the place.
Big Sand
The final few miles took me through North Erradale and Perterburn finally arriving in Melvaig where just as I was settling into my room for the night a Submarine went past the BnB in the bay, this is my first sighting of a submarine at see ever!
Caoles Beag

Accommodation: Fionncroft, Melvaig. A small bnb run by a very nice lady who left a note on the front door telling me which room I was stopping in tonight.  £40.00 BnB


  1. I don't know if I'm looking forward to Scotland or dreading it. It looks beautiful. But not sure if I'll cope with the distances between places :/

    1. I see other people like yourself and sometimes I get envious at the availability of support you have on your walks, this will be a great help in Scotland as you quite rightly pointed out that the distances between civilization can be long and torturous, but on the plus side I never seem to be too far from a road!