Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Walk 181

Camusnagaul to Ullapool 24miles

After a remarkably good sleep in the Hostel ( though I did have a whole 12 bed dorm to myself!) I started out along the bottom of Little Loch Broom.
Little Loch Broom
I had a choice today and that was either walk along the A832 until it meets the A835 which would amount to around 30miles in total, or I could take the scenic route via Blarnalearoch, I chose the Scenic route and on reflection I wish I hadn't!!!

I walked down the A832 for a couple of miles and at Dundonnell I cut across land via a very wobbly bridge, I couldn't quite believe how bouncy this bridge was, I had a lot of fun jumping up and down!!!

Dundonnell Bridge
Once off the bridge I followed the single track road for a few miles before I reached a gate with a large sign informing me in 4 different languages that there was no longer a ferry to Ullapool at the end of this road, apparently a lot of older maps still show a ferry which was discontinued 10 years ago.  I followed the track down to the shore and was surprised how close I was to Ullapool, it was a little frustrating as the route I had to take was at least another 13miles! 
Look how close I was!!!!!

I plodded on using my trusty "make it up as you go along" method but unlike other days this next 2.5 miles were the nastiest I have had to do on any of my walks, there was no track of any sort and once I hit the forest it was a nightmare of epic proportions, it took me 3 attempts on various routes just to traverse a few hundred yards of forest, eventually I made my way to Blarnalearoch and I could have kissed the tarmac had it not been raining!!

The rest of the walk was along roads down the west bank of Loch Broom and back up the east bank all the way to my final destination of Ullapool.

Accomodation: Ladysmith House, 24 Pultney St. Ullapool.  Nice BnB, they did a great job of drying my boots overnight.  £35.00 singe room BnB

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