Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Walk 180

Mellon Charles to Camunsagal 21.5miles

The first part of today's walk took me across land to Slaggan, there was a track for a while and then it was "make it up as you go along" time. The good part was that once I arrived at the top of the hill overlooking Slaggan the ruins were in full view and I had something to aim for!
The ruin at slaggan
At Slaggan beach there is a very good 3 mile track that takes you to the road just before Laide where I had to stock up on supplies for both day and night as I was sleeping in a Hostel tonight.

Little Gruinard
Once again my choice of road again today was the A832 and its seems that the further north I go the quieter this road becomes.  I continued on stopping at Little Gruinard to take a picture of there fabulous beach, the road then made its way along Little Loch Broom finally arriving in Camusnaugaul.
Little Loch Broom
Accommodation: Sail Mohr Croft Hostel.  Its a Hostel what more can I say! They do however do a nice breakfast for £5.00 extra which was a bit of a bonus! £26.00 includes breakfast.

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