Monday, 15 October 2012

Walk 112

Penbryn to Llanrhystud 23.75miles 

Another long day beckoned and as the rain battered my bedroom window I thought the worse as it was going to be at least an 8 hour walk, however after breakfast the rain came and went....lucky ole me!! The first part of the walk was downhill to Llangrannog (see pic), and whilst I was taking photos of the village I got chatting to a lady who was renting a cottage and she was not happy, as she described the living room as “slug city” when she got up in the morning! So I walked downhill and the inevitably uphill back onto the path, this again was the theme of the day but I must say the scenery in this part of the world is stunning. I stopped at Craig Caerlian to shelter from a rain shower and got chatting to the shop owner to firstly ask if he was open, but unfortunately he was closing up for ever as after 43 years he had decided too call it a day, as we said our fairwells he gave me a free Twix for the journey, the people in Wales are so nice and friendly!!!

So on I walked, eventually arriving in New Quay just as the sun popped its head out of the clouds!

I hopped onto the beach to walk around the bay (see pic)and again got chatting to a couple who told me about the dolphins in the bay first his this morning, now I must say I'm getting a bit fed up with missing all of the wildlife.....I'm either to early or too late, its like they know I'm coming!!!!. The next part of the walk took in Sheraton where the hills came to an abrupt end. I must say after the last few days I was glad to have a break from the constant up and down, but this however only lasted for 6 miles to be precise! I ambled into Llanrhystud 8.5hrs after starting out, hungry and a little tired.

I have a lot of people ask me”what's the best part of the coast you've walked” and I must say the section from Penberthy to New Quay is going to take some beating!

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