Monday, 15 October 2012

Walk 114

Borth Estuary and back 6.5miles
Aberdovey to Barmouth 22.75miles
Today was split into 3 parts due to the estuary between Borth and Aberdovey, I had made a decision not to walk along estuaries (where possible) at the start of the journey as I personally do not class them as coastal, some may call it cheating but hey ho they are entitled to their opinions!

Part 1

A 6.45 start in order to walk the 6.5 miles from the B&B to the edge of the Dovey Estuary all I can say is that it was extremely windy and a pretty tedious.

Part 2

Train to Aberdovey via Machynlleth

Part 3

Aberdovey to Barmouth

The walk started well with a nice 5 mile stroll along the beach to Tywyn. Just after walking through the town of Tywyn things started to go downhill........there is a road clearly marked on my map across a river that takes you along the coast to Cefncamberth, however when you arrive at the river there is no longer a bridge! This means a very big 4 mile detour across fields and a marsh where I promptly sunk up to my knees in cold muddy water! So I squelched my way through Bryncrug picking up the main road to Rhostefan it was here I made mistake No 2, I decided to disregard the map and follow the Wales Coast Path signs.........BIG Mistake the theory of these signs is great, but in practice I found myself wandering to all corners of fields with various livestock in residence it was just a complete nightmare! Anyhow I managed to find my way back to the main road and trudged unhappily through Fairbourne but my spirits were lifted as I crossed the bridge from Fairbourne to Barmouth a fantastic wooden railway/footbridge with a 90p toll walkers when you reach the Barmouth side! Barmouth itself was OK except the B&B had no idea I was booked in! Good job they had a room :)

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