Thursday, 25 September 2014

Walk 187

Upper Badcall to Kinlochbervie 22miles

The day was a little overcast but with no sign of rain.  I scrounged a lift off my new American friends ( as it was a one way road and I already walked it yesterday I'm allowed this luxury) to the end of the road and said my farewells making my way along the busyish A road towards Scourie.
I had decided to do a a little off road walking today in order to get to the small hamlet of Tarbet, so a quick change of socks to my brand new Waterproof Sealskinz socks, which were having their first ever outing today!  I had bought these socks in order to cut down on blisters after getting wet feet from plodging about in Scottish bogs.  The 3 mile walk to Tarbet was just fantastic, wild walking at its best.  There was a fairly good track for the first 2 miles and then it was "make it up as you go along" time, I do find myself always gravitating to the highest point in front of me, which always gets me great views but is rarely the best route!
Loch Laxford
Tarbet is a small hamlet just off the Isle of Handa, there isn't much to the place other than a toilet and a pub but you can catch a ferry in summer to Handa so I guess it gets quite busy at that time of year.
            I made my way out of Tarbet up a very steep hill which then dropped down towards Fanagmore with a great view over Loch Laxford, turning right at the crossroads in this picture I continued up and down through Foindle eventually meeting up with A894.  The A894 wound its way around Laxford bay and then onto Rhiconich where I turned left towards Kinlochbervie.
The old Road at Rhiconich
Once I was off the main road I followed a single track to Kinlochbervie along the banks of Loch Inchard walking through Insegra and Badcall along the way.

Accommodation: 23 Inchard Place, Kinlochbervie. Nice BnB on a housing estate! Quite a weird set up really as you have a room in someones house that you all share with everyone!! Bizzare. £34.00 BnB

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