Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Walk 147

Ballentrae to Maybole 24.5miles

Following the A77 out of town I braced myself for a long day along busy roads, though at least I had Ailsa Craig for company for most of the day which is nice. The first village I walk through was Lendalfoot where I stopped to read the plaque commemorating the WW1 Russian warship Varyag that was scuppered in the bay after a long and heroic journey to Ayrshire , unfortunately you can only see it at low tide so I will have to come back another day to see the remains of the ship. 

Varyag Memorial
Another 6 miles along the road and I reached Girvan where I stopped for lunch.  Girvan is a lovely little harbour village which was really bustling.  The Ayshire Coast path takes a back road out of Girvan past a sewage works(phew!) but soon brought me back to the A77, thankfully the A77 veered off to the right a few miles down the road and this took me on the A719 which was a little more sedate.  This road led me trough Turnberry and there famous golf course, now I have walked over/past a lot of golf courses during my walks but I have never seen so many people playing golf as I did at Turnberry it was like Piccadilly Circus!!!  The A719 was turning out to be a nice country road that took me through Maidens and the Culzean country park via the entrance to Culzean castle.
Turnberry Lighthouse

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