Saturday, 19 October 2013

Walk 158

Glenbarr to Tarbert 26miles

A long and straight forward walk today., the road I had to walk along took me all the way to Tarbert, fortunately it was Saturday so thankfully it was quiet. First stop was Musadale and like a lot of villages along these sort of roads consisted of a sign announcing the village, a dozen houses and that's your lot!
Tarbert Castle

Next up was Tayintoan where I managed to get a sandwich from the little shop, here you can catch a ferry to Gigha which looks like a nice island from where I was eating my sandwich, but then again they all look nice, that's the beauty of this area.

After Tayintoan the road heads inland and is arrow straight for 3 miles eventually it ends up hugging the coast again at Balochroy.  I was soon on the banks of Loch Tarbert and the home straight into Tarbert where it starting raining again...what a surprise!!!

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