Sunday, 13 October 2013

Walk 151

Wemyss Bay to Gourrock 7miles (+ Ferry to Dunoon)

It is now September 2 months since I finished my previous weeks walking.  Its such a long journey to my start point that I had to use 5 different forms of transport today, and they were car-train-bus-plane-bus-train-feet and ferry.

Cloch Point Lighthouse
Today's walk eventually started at the fabulous Wemyss Bay railway station.  I had to walk along the busy A78 for a couple of miles to Iverkip. At Inverkip I was able to walk around their lovely marina and pick up a coast path all the way to Cloch Point with its fantastic lighthouse.  The route eventually took me to Mcinroys Point and the ferry to Dunoon.  The views from the ferry were spectacular along the river Firth and down to the Holy Loch, a great ending to a long day.

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