Saturday, 19 October 2013

Walk 155

Carradale to Cambletown 16miles

A really nice easy walk today along quiet country roads, the weather was much better with a chance of rain at the end of the day.  The BNB I stopped in last night refused to have the heating on so I had to dry my socks on top of the warmed up kettle!!!

As I walked out of Carradale the sun started to shine and after 4 days in a row of rain it was a welcome relief. I stopped at Peninver for my Kit Kat break in order to soak up the views of the Isle of Arran, shortly after Peninver Ailsa Craig came back into view which was nice to see.  The road continued and shortly before Cambletown there is a lovely island called Davaar which has only a lighthouse and a few cottages, it reminded me of Burgh Island of the coast of Devon, you can actually walk to the island at low tide.

Davaar Island
So I walked into Cambletown pretty refreshed and had a mooch around, its all a bit grey and run down however the bay it sits in is lovely.

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