Monday, 25 January 2010

Walk 5: Salcombe to Aveton Gifford
16.5 miles
Chucked it down with rain for the first 2 miles, then sunshine all the way. Easy/Medium walking, a few hills but the killer was the extra 4 miles you have to walk due to the fact that the Bigbury Ferry only runs during the high season! It took 4hrs and 40mins not bad for an old timer! :) Photo is of Burgh island, the white building is a hotel and the most expensive room is £600.00 per night...oooooooooooowwwch

Walk 4 : Torcross to Salcombe
14.5 miles
Nice and easy walk, got a little lost just outside Torcross and had to battle my way through some "undergrowth" to get back on course! Weather was calm and no snow! I had a pleasant walk to the Start Point lighthouse (see photo) but unfortuantley it was shut :(