Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Walk 61

Channel Tunnel leaving England!
Sandwich GC

White Cliffs of Dover!
Deal Castle

Capel to Ramsgate 26miles

A long day beckoned so I had a 8.15am start wth a bus to my start point at Capel, it was then onto Dover and on the way I took a pic of where the channel tunnel leaves England.  The walking was very up and down all the way to St Margarets Bay, the views were fantastic with all the white chalk cliffs. Today was also a day of three castles at Dover, Deal and Walmer and lots of golf courses climaxing with the Wembley of all GC's at Sandwich which is the venue of this years British Open. They were well on the way to getting the GC at Sandwich ready for the Open with the erecting of the stands near the start/finish of the course, I was lucky as the path I was on cut right across the whole course :). As I walked thru Sandwich I was a bit dissapointed as the town itself is nice but they have built a big ugly industrial estate less than 1/2 a mile out of town...a real blight. The rest of the walk was along the river Stour which led onto Ramsgate, I arrived at the B&B at 5pm which is nearly 9hrs walking, I was very achey and tired but very satisfied with my days achivement. The Abbeygail B&B is very nice, in fact I quite like Ramsgate :)

Walk 60

White Cliffs

Lydd to Capel(nr Folkestone) 25miles

Battle of Britain Memorial
I have now crossed into another county, Kent the garden of England or at the mo is should read the Desert of England!....after so little rain for the last 3 months some of the fields I have crossed have cracks in them 3ins wide I could get my hand in and feel the earths crust !!!LOL

So after a very average nights sleep at the George Hotel in Lydd I was greeted with breakie, where bizzarely I had to pay per Item ie. Bacon rasher 90p, Egg 50p, Tomato 50p etc etc. First part of the walk today was along the Romney Marshes and then onto Romney Beach itself, its was all flat walking thru Dymchurch, Hythe and then onto Folkestone. I managed to drop my pack at the hotel in Folkestone so I could walk the last 4 miles and boy was I glad, because just outside Folkestone is a monster hill that leads onto the white cliffs path  The final photo of the day was taken of the Battle of Brittain memorial nr Capel over looking the English Channel....enough said......

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Walk 59

Hastings to Lydd 18miles

With a clear blue sky and the smell of sun tan lotion in my nostrils I knew this week was going to be a good un!. A nice steep climb out of Hastings started the walk with a fabulous view over the bay(see pic), the next 5 miles to Fairlight continued with up and down valleys and I could have be mistaken that I was back in Devon or Cornwall! After Fairlight came Winchelsea Beach(see Pic) and then onto Rye and Camber Sands. The third pic is of Camber Castle which bizzarely is in the middle of a farmers field( or should that be the other way round!) no access to the castle other than on foot....after talking with a "local" it turns out the castle was actually by the sea until 1278 but due to the opposite of global warming(?) it is now 6 miles inland. The final part of todays walk was past Dungeness Nuclear Pwr Station and on to Lydd.