Thursday, 8 April 2010

Walks 14,15,16,17 and 18

Walk 14
Falmouth Docks to Maenporth - 3 miles

I had work today first thing and I  then took the train to Falmouth Docks, I walked the 3 miles to Maenporth in horizontal driving rain and got very very wet which thankfully is the first time! Stayed at the Avalon B&B at the end of the beach(see Picture 7) it was by far the best accommodation on any of the walks (5 stars), breakfast was overlooking the beach with the sun shimmering off the sea....what more could you ask for?

Walk 15

Coverack in the distance
Maenporth to Coverack - 16miles

The day started off really well with blue skies all the way to Helford, I didn't have to wait to long for the ferry either..bonus! I walked onto Gillan Creek where it proceeded to pee down! though I did have a bit of luck at Gillan Creek, as there is no "official ferry crossing" I decided to stand on the river bank with my "little lost boy look" (works every time!) and a bloke shouts over to me "y'awlright" and I said "any chance of a lift across this here creek" no problem came the reply that'll cost you £ £2.50 I've ever spent!!! it meant that I avoided a 3 mile hike down and then up river to cross at the bridge. Later on I had to walk thru a disused quarry at was really surreal I thought I was on the set of the Prisoner..........I'm not a prisoner I'm a free man!

Due to other disused quarries I had a fair bit of inland walking today and I got to thinking that I should change my blog to :) Arrived at the B&B at 3.15pm, had a choice of rooms(nice) and tea and bicis was served in the conservatory! (v.nice) During tea I got into a conversation with the landlady of the B&B re the lack of mobile phone reception and she suggested that as I was on Orange the best reception is in the "phone box" down the road!!!! sort of defeats the object of having a mobile really doesn't it

Finally, on Easter day the local people in Coverack go onto the beach to "build a cross" for Easter.........don't be naughty in "that" village if I were you :)

Walk 16

Coverack to Porthleven - 24 miles

Praa Sands
The longest walk in a single day so far.........................Started out at 8.30am it rained so much that at one point even my pants were wet! The conditions were treacherous under foot which caused me to slip over twice today. Walked via Lizard point ( picture 5)and its funny but you very rarely see anyone on these walks but 2 miles before and 2 miles after the Lizard the paths were heaving...loadsanumbties in trainers though!...can't believe people would want to be on the path in footwear like that! Picture 4 is of Porthleven beach which is 3.5miles of pure sand. it was a shame that the tide was in as I could of walked the whole length all the way into town. Stopped overnight at the Harbour Inn, very nice but too loud! Note to myself.....24miles is too much in one day! could hardly walk 20mins after getting up from lying down on the bed!!!!!


Walk 17

Porthleven to Mousehole - 16miles
At last a nice rain and sunshine all the way! Walked across a lovely beach in the morning at Praa Sands (see picture 2) stopped for an ice cream and watched the surfers...hard life this walking! :) Walked via St Micheals Mount,(see picture 3) what a truly stunning piece of architecture! The walking today was very easy and it was the first night that I didn't need to wash my socks!! Accommodation is the Penzance YHA, first time in 20 years I have stopped in a YHA.....when I arrived I was impressed...Cafe, bar and restaurant how things have changed in 20 years....

Walk 18

Mousehole to Lands End - 14miles

Lands End Ahoy!
Lands End
Well what can I say....possibly the worst nights sleep for many a year! I now realise why I haven't been to a YHA for 20 years...having to share a "dorm" with 5 other blokes who proceeded to snore and fart the whole night through!!!!!! never again....when I handed my key back at the end of my stay the girl on the front desk checked I had paid etc and then said " OK Mr West you are free to go" didn't realise I was staying in Stalag 42!!! :(

The Walk to Lands End was very nice except...for the bloody rain! oh well got away without it for 1 day, the going was very easy underfoot and very very busy 2 miles out from Lands End.

The picture really speaks for itself..........its north from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!