Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Walk 87

Kidwelly to Carmarthen 14miles

I stopped in Kidwelly briefly to take a photo of the magnificent castle before once again I picked up the No 4 Cycle route, today was a 14miles slog along mostly country lanes all the way to Carmarthen. Just a few miles out of Kidwelly I stopped to watch the fighter jets bombing the crap out of the beach at Cefn Sidan it was quite impressive to watch these guys manoeuvre the planes in and out of the bay. Not much else to talk about except to say keep an eye on those pesky sheep as you cross a field! :)

Walk 86

Loughor to Kidwelly 18miles

Today I picked up the No 4 national cycle route which would take me all the way to my destination at Kidwelly. The weather was dry and clear but the wind blowing a hooley and right into my face ! A quick trip across the bridge over the river Loughor and this took me through the Millennium Coast Park and on to Llanelli, around the bay and the first pic is of Tywyn Bach I really loved the layered effect of the grass bank. It was onward to Burry Port where I took a pic of what can only be described as the smallest Lighthouse I have ever seen, pity the lighthouse man that has to live in that! On I walked around the headland to Cefn Sidan Sands and here I felt the full force of the wind with it picking up so much it was creating a mini sandstorm! I was glad of the relief from the wind as I entered Pembury Forest and continued on my merry way following the well marked No 4 route all the way into Kidwelly.

Walk 85

Rhossili to Loughor 19miles

A bus journey from Swansea took me to my start point at Rhossili, today was very windy but thankfully no sign of rain….yet! I walked down the steep incline to the beach and it was route one for the next 3 miles, however the lack of rain didn’t last very long because halfway across the beach the heavans opened, luckily I could see the weather coming in from across the Gower and managed to batten down the hatches before it arrived!I took the first pic of the day of Worms Head

Around the headland was Llangenith beach and further on was Broughton Bay by which time the sun had made an appearance, by the time I had reached landimore and stopped for a bite to eat at Hambury Wood I had been walking for 2 hours and I had not seen a single person (not even a dog walker) which was lovely! J At Llanrhidian I picked up the coast road and this took me through Crofty and Penclawdd all the way to my final destination at Loughor.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Walk 84

Oxwich to Rhossili 11miles

A nice easy day today...or so I thought! After a fine Welsh breakfast I headed out towards the church at Oxwich, and there I was faced with the challenge of many steps to the top of the cliff. It was on through Oxwich wood to Oxwich point (Dave Cotton, if your reading this you didn't miss much!), following the rather muddy path I scooted around the coast to Horton Bay (See pic) and it was once again across the beach to pick up the path at the far end, here was located one of the most picturesque YHAs I have ever seen, had it been open I would have loved to stay there overnight! The rest of the day was spent walking along some of the UKs finest coast all the way to Rhossili. I am now of course in the Gower and will enjoy every minute of it !!! Second Pic is of Rhossili Bay

Walk 83

Swansea to Oxwich Bay 17miles

A drizzley sort of day greeted me as I set out across Swansea Bay towards the Mumbles, I was fourtunate as the tide was very low so I could cross most of the bay via the beach. 5 miles later and I was walking along the "Mumbles Mile" so called as many years ago it was one of my favourite pub crawls! but alas like most things time waits for no man and most of the pubs have gone missing (closed down I presume) so it was a grim place to be on this Sunday morning :(
I navigated around the headland at the end of the Mumbles and was plesantly supprised by the fantastic path that runs around the coast all the way to Langland Bay, not only was it tarmac it also had a handrail!!! WOW ( see pic1 of Langland bay) the next 6 miles were a series of lovely bays including Caswell bay, Brandy cove, Pwili Bay and Pennard Burrows all infinatley better than yesterdays trudge! At Pennard I had to navigate the stepping stones arcoss the river which are a tense moment on any given day, thankfully I managed not to fall in again!!! After this I naviagted around Three Cliffs Bay (see pic 2) and picked up the beach all the way along Oxwich Bay arriving at the hotel just before it got dark Phew!

Walk 82

Porthcawl to Swansea 20miles

This was one of those walks you need to do but have been putting off for a while, this is due to the fact that you have a lot of road walking and Port Talbot!!! Things started off quite well with a walk along the promenade at Porthcawl and then on to the coastpath, where I noticed a brand new marker post with "the Wales Coast Path" badge attached to the top , this is significant because from May 5th 2012 (the offical opening of all 870 miles of the Wales coast path) you can navigate your way around Wales coast using these marker posts....well done Wales!
So navigating around Porthcawl I was off into open countryside and my first obstical was the local golf course, which I must say had the nicest greens I have ever seen, they looked like someone had laid carpet! Anyhow the only pic of the day was taken on my way out of Portcawl looking back towards the town. I then managed to hop onto the beach and walk all the way to Margam before having to set off inland to walk the final 14 miles along very busy roads crossing the M4 twice!!! :( not much to say about the suburbs I walked through except Grim!