Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Walk 27

Boscastle to Bude 17miles

I had been warned today was going to be a very tough walk and this was bourne out by the first hill of the day out of Boscastle! a very long a torturous hill, the up and down valleys continued all the way to  Widemouth Bay. Part of todays walk included the highest point in Cornwall at the top of High Cliff, and boy it was windy up there! The final big climb of the day was at Dizzard Point and at a third of the way up I had a "moment" when for the first time on any of these walks I wanted to give up...seriously after 12-13miles of treking up and down these valleys I'd just about had enough.....but I plodded on and reached Bude with and hour to spare before my bus to Camelford.

A foot note to this Blog is that I left Boscastle at 8.55am with a target time for my bus at Bude of 3.25pm (6.5hrs), I spoke to Steve at the B&B who had walked the path a few times and he gave me the "look" of you will never make it mate.......5.5hrs later I'm talking to someone in Bude asking where the bus stops........maybe on that last hill when I wanted to give up I should of checked my watch and then I would have realised why I was tired.............!

Walk 26

Port Issac to Boscastle 15miles

Parked the car in Camelfords "free" car park and took the bus to Port Issac, the bus ride was a complete "white knuckle" ride the driver was using the narrow lanes as though they were all one way in our favour!

A very tough walk today with a lot of up and down valleys, weather was perfect for walking with a nice tail wind. Lots of people on the path today to chat to and different nationalities for a change ( Canadians, Americans, Germans Etc), everyone was really friendly and its nice to see the path getting used. Walked thru Tintagel whcih was heaving, and then onto Boscastle (v.nice...see Pic) I stopped overnight at the Bridgehouse B&B which doubles up as a tea room in the day time!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Walk 25

Padstow to Port Issac 12miles

After a 2 month break from this trek it was nice to see the coast path again! I started on the other side of the bay from Padstow at place called Rock, the first landmark was the beach at Polzeath which is fantastic, pure flat white sand, just lovely. The coast path has dried out nicely now which has bought out every rambler/tomdickandharry onto the coast path ( even another group of school kids, though they were moaning about having to walk 8 miles!). The terrain was pretty easy going untill Port Quin and then it was a 4 mile slog up and down steps and hills, I'd forgotten how tough this can be! Final port of call was Port Issac (See Pic) very nice....did'nt get to see Doc Martin though :(

Walk 24

Mawgan Porth to Padstow 17miles

A really nice days walking today, not to hot not to cold and very flat! 6miles outside of Padstow I went past a group of young school kids and thought "thats nice kiddies on a bit of a ramble" but no they were going all the way to Padstow....nice that the education system gets em exercised!!!

Walk 23

St Agnus to Mawgan Porth 19 miles

Had a nice early start today (6.30am) due to the tide at the River Gannel just outside of Newquay, there is a footbridge you can only cross 1 hr each side of low tide....I made it with 57mins to spare! Walked on thru Newquay which was very busy with surfers and shoppers!

I saw another snake today, this one was very dead so I got a good close look at it, apparently though not deadly to humans if you do get bitten by an Adder you need to go to hospital pretty sharpish :(

Walk 22

Gwithian to St Agnus 17miles

I Started out early so I could visit the seal colony at Gwithia Bay, I had been told there are up to 80 seals on the beach!.....I arrived at 8.30am .....No Seals! typical. Walked on through the rain via Portreath and Porthtowans, later on the tin mines started up again!