Friday, 23 March 2012

Walk 95

Berrow Haven to Hull 15miles

A short walk today as it was my last day on the east coast and I have a gruelling 6.5hr train journey to endure to get home :( The day was absolutely beautiful talk about saving the best till last! The first task of the day was to tackle the Humber Bridge which is 1.5miles long and still very busy even on a Sunday morning, not only with cars but joggers and cyclists! After crossing the bridge I picked up the Trans Pennine Trail which informed me that it was 79 miles to Filey so that means Im in Yorkshire whoooo hoooo my favourite county....Gods country!!!!! As I made my way down the other side of the Humber estuary the scenery seemed to change with every mile, firstly brand spanking new out of town shopping complexes, then complete derelict buildings and finally lovely marinas with cobbled streets, I don't think I have seen such contrasts in such a short space. Pic is obviously of the Humber Bridge

Walk 94

Grimsby to Berrow Haven 21miles

Once again today I was battling with the wind, however the skies were clear and I had a straight forwardish walk along the Humber Estury. The first part of the walk to Immingham is largely uninspiring with the concrete seawall as your only company, just before Immingham you have to walk inland and past a lot of Oil Refineries but this fortunately only lasts a few miles before once again you are on the seabank and its full steam ahead to Berrow. I enjoyed today with all the ships busily making their way up the estuary. he pic of the estuary facing the port of Hull.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Walk 93

Saltfleet to Grimsby 20miles

Being as I stopped in a pub overnight I feared the worst for my sleep deprivation and when the bingo caller cranked up it was a case of uh oh, but fortunately this wound down quite quickly and I got a decent nights kip! As I started out this morning it started to rain but thankfully it was just a few spots:( I walked along the riverbank in order to start the walk and promptly got lost, this is the 3rd time this week I've cocked up, I must brush up on my map reading skills when I return home! anyhow I managed to find my way back onto the sea bank and was merrily on my way until I arrived at Somercotes where the Red waring flags were flying and as 4 Tornado Jets started there sorties I decided not to risk ignoring the signs! so I walked inland and rejoined the coast at Donnas Nook. The rest of the days walk was very straight forward along beaches and roads until I reached Grimsby.

Walk 92

Skegness to Saltfleet 21miles

At last a nice day to start today's walk....a quick walk down Skeggy high street bought me to the promenade and I started walking towards the Butlins holiday camp, which is there flagship holiday park and judging by the accommodation things have come a long way since the shabby chalets of the past! Next along was the roller coaster theme park and they were in the process of testing the rides, and I stood there mesmerised for 10mins watching these empty carriages going around and around the ride.....wishing I was on it!!Just after Chapel St Leonards the promenade runs out, and as it was low tide I hopped onto the beach and this would take me most of the way to Mablethorpe. As I walked along the beach I noticed a dead starfish(see Pic) and took a photo as I had never been this close to one before however it soon came clear this was not the only casualty as there was(and this is NO exaggeration) 100s and 100s of dead starfish all the way from Skeggy to Mablethorpe it was very sad :( The final part of my walk was along the sand dunes all the way into Saltfleet.

Walk 91

Freiston Shore to Skegness 24miles

I hung out at the B&B until 9.30 in order to avoid the didn't work! so by 11am when the heavens opened I thought that waiting for any longer and I would never have made it to Skeggy before sunset! Today would be a change from the last few days as I would be finally be seeing some sand rather than marshes! So the first 10mile or so was along the sea bank then just before Wainfleet I cut inland to take the less scenic route partly along the very fast road that is the A52. I walked through Wainfleet past the Bateman brewery and I must say what a nice village :) I then attempted to take a short cut via Havenhouse railway station only to find the route blocked and thus coasting me an extra 4miles of pointless walking...oh well. I eventually picked up the A52 again and arrived in Skeggy just before sunset...phew. I quite like Skeggy even though I had a lot of trouble finding somewhere to eat on a cold Wednesday evening in March!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Walk 90

Fosdyke to Freiston Shore 21miles

Today was a tale of two rivers the Welland and the Witham. I started with a walk down the west bank of the Welland and decided to take a pic to show just how flat and straight the Fens are in this part of the world! I then walked up and down the Witham navigating my way through Boston and past the landfill site at the mouth of the river, seeing the many 100's of plastic carrier bags stuck to the inside of the fence of the tip only strengthened my resolve to take my own bags to the supermarket, rather than getting new ones every time we go! it was very depressing to see the sheer quantity:( The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful, Iam just glad today is the last day of walking up and down river estuaries in the Wash. I have found it very refreshing to here a different dialect over the last few days and Iam now in " everything alright duck" country.....don't you just love England!

Walk 89

Long Sutton to Fosdyke 17.5miles

Today was a much better day weather wise, and I started with a walk along the west bank of the river Nene. The river has a small port but was very busy with things being loaded and unloaded onto various ships, I stopped to take a pic of the two lighthouses that stand guard at the mouth of this river both of which are now private residencies (very nice too). I was soon back on the Fens and boy was it windy, blowing most of the day into my face. Fortunately the rain forecast didn't materialise which was nice. Again nothing much to see other than fields, dyke's and marshes and 5 hrs without seeing a single person....bliss. Once at Fosdyke I had to catch a bus into Boston for my overnight stop

Walk 88

Kings Lynn to Long Sutton 17.5miles

After A hearty breakfast I made my way down the west bank of the River Ouse in order to cross the bridge and walk back up the east bank, I was having to do this because alas the ferry does not run on Sundays :( The rain promised by the weather forecasters started just outside West Lynn and didn't let up for the whole day, this does have its uses as I did not see anyone for 4hrs which was really nice. Not much to see today other than flat Fens, and the only pic was taken before the rain just outside Kings Lynn. I crossed from Norfolk in Lincolnshire today.