Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Walk 21

St Erth to Gwithian

6 Miles

Nice easy walk of 6 miles today, bit of a grey day and the photo is of Port Kidney beach looking towards Gwithian. Those of you keeping score on this epic! journey I have just passed the 300 mile mark and according to estimates( the whole journey is supposedly 3600miles!) that is 1/12th of the total distance....not far to go now!!!!!

Walk 20

Pendeen To St Erth


I was up early as today was my first veture into new teritory! according to the SWCPA website the journey to St Ives(15 miles) was graded as " Severe" so I was ready for a long slog! My start point was Portheras Cove (Pic) very nice...mentally ready for the walk of walks!!!....well what can I say.....bit of a disapointment really, had a bit of rock climbing on the way and there was a few large up and downs but I ended up arriving in St Ives 3 hours ahead of schedule! so I walk another 5miles onto St Erth.

I did however have a close encounter with a Snake on my journey from Portheras, I was just about to step of yet another rock when I happened to look down and there slithering accross the SWCP was non other than a 12in Adder...bit of a shock really couldnt get my camera out in time though!!!!

Walk 19

Lands End to Pendeen

10 Miles

Barely a breath of air or a cloud in the sky, after a long journey back to Lands End(4.5hrs) involving a car, 2 trains and a bus! At last I was on my way north :) first stop was beautiful Sennan Cove (see Pic) I managed to walk the whole length of the beach c/w a bit of rock climbing at the end!!

The rest of the journey was a disapointment due to the ravages of Cornwalls past...Tin Mining...though I understand its part of the cornish heritage I just wish it could be tided up a bit! My evenings accomodation was in a village called Higher Boscaswell just south of Portheras Cove