Monday, 15 November 2010

Walk 45 - The Return of the MUD!!!

Seaton to West Bay 17miles

After several days/weeks of rain the mud has made a comeback with a vengance! I started the day in Seaton which has gone downhill since I last walked through it 12 years ago what a dump!

The walk started with a climb and that was the theme of the day!, mainly forest all the way into Lyme Regis then the proper climbing started with a big un out of Lyme and an even bigger un out of Charmouth ( 1 mile long!). Finally the mother of all climbs greeted me at Golden Cap 626ft(191m) which it turns out to be the highest point on the South West coast but the views were spectacular from the top you can see for miles! Finished with Devon today and onto Dorset....rattling thu the counties now!!!! Pic is of Lyme bay

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Walk 44

Sidmouth to Seaton 10.5miles

A really nice day again today, started with a drive out to Sidmouth then it was uphill anddown dale for the next 6 miles I had lunch ( see Pic) in one of the nicest places so far on any of my walks. Walked via Branscombe and Beer the latter being one of my favourite places in Devon.

Walk 43......The Right Way

As the logistics of getting too and from Wales are causing me problems I have decided to walk in the opposite direction, the decision was an easy one, as it was 18 deg warm and sunny on a mid October day!

Dawlish to Sidmouth 16miles

Started with a nice easy walk out of the front door! then onto Starcross to catch the 9.50am ferry to Exmouth, the walking to Sidmouth was mostly easy and took just on 4 hours. Picture is of Salcombe Mouth.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Walk 42

Cadoxton to Llantwit Major 15 miles

Started from Cadoxton in glorious sunshine, first port of call was Barry where I picked up the coastal path that would take me now all the way to Llantwit, I passed via Rhoose on the way where ther is a sign comemorating the fact that this is the most southerly point of Wales. Its a bit strange to look across the bay to England and where only 7 days go I was walking!! the coastal path into Llantwit had a few ups and downs but I managed to finish the walk and catch my train with 40 mins to spare. :)

I would like at this point to say a big "Thank You" to my friend Ken who lives in Rhoose and not only did he provide me with 3 nights quality accomodation, but ferried me to my start point on 2 days and rescued me from Cadoxton when I was nearly on my knees on Friday the "Wet Day" Cheers Ken. :) :) :)

Walk 41

St Brides to Cadoxton 24.5 miles

A very wet and windy day to start October with, especially when you have to walk the first 6 miles into it along the top of a levee!!!!, the next few miles were along roads into Cardiff where I managed to be drenched 3 times by passing cars and puddles! Then across the barrage at Cardiff Bay (another neat bit of kit) onto Penarth which is nice even though its a bit run down. I picked up a new coastal path just outside of Penarth which took me all the way to Barry Docks, in between the two places I did have to take a detour across rocks from Lanrock to Swanbridge which was a bit stupid of me because I had no clue if the tide was coming in or going out and it was 1/2 a mile! The Camera got so wet today it packed up halfway through the walk!!!! Managed to fall over twice today which is the first time since Bigbury on Sea!!!

Walk 40

Chepstow to St Brides Wentlooge 23.5 miles

A nice sunny day today, at last I have learnt my lesson re OS map footpaths and I stuck to the roads like glue! Not much to tell today as everything was very flat......the highlight of the day was my trip on the Transporter bridge at Newport....what a neat bit of kit! (see Pic)

Walk 39

Portishead to Chepstow 19miles

Weather forcast for the day was Rain all the way....thank you for getting that wrong! Walked out of Portishead onto Avonmouth (which was a really grim place) then across the river Avon via the M5 bridge (see Pic) mostly roads again today until the first Severn bridge at Severn Beach, I had my lunch under the bridge which was a bit surreal, the rest of the jourey was across fields to the "old" Severn bridge. The walk across the bridge into Wales was a very strange feeling...hard to explain really......I walked through 3 different counties today Avon, Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire.......remind me to tell the story of the Ryder Cup tickets.....very interesting if true! Second pic is of the Severn bridge

Walk 38

Weston to Portishead 26 miles

Another milage cock up today, should have been only 17 miles........! The sun shone for most of the day so musn't complain. A very different walk today due to the fact that I lost sight of the sea for most of the day and encountered a few probelms with the OS map again. First problem was early on in the day when I encountered the enquisitive "cow"....well a whole herd in fact!....I chickened out and was seen leggin it towards the gate I had come through persued by 20 or so fresians!!!! The second problem was later on in the day when I followed the OS map public right of way footpath across a field only to be met in the next field by 8ft high maize plants, I tried to hack my way through but 1/3 the way across I gave up, this was a day of doubling back on myself :( this explained why today took 8.5hrs. Todays journey also took me across the M5 twice and the West Coast Mainline twice! Eventually I reached Clevedon and from there on to Portishead was the one of the most welcome of coastal paths I have have ever seen :)

The B&B was fantastic c/w a huge bed, and after a hard days walking I had my first bath in 15 years!!!!!!

Walk 37

Huntspill to Weston 21mles

After getting a lift to Bridgwater and a bus to Huntspill (only way to get across the river!) I stopped overnight at the Ilex House B&B, now the woman who runs this establishment is the archityple dragon landlady! talk about giving me the 3rd degree as soon as I walked in the door.....and opinionated, don't even get me started!!!!. Today was only supposed to be a 17mile day but turned into a 21mile day due to mistakes on the OS map where in places it shows a bridge across a river and there ain't one :( It was a grey day all round today as I trudged on through Burnham, Brean and then onto Weston. Pic was taken at the top of Brean Downs

Walk 36

West Quantoxhead to Combwich 17miles

A great start to the day with crisp clear Autumn skys and a nice cool breeze, ideal for walking. First stop of the day was along the WSCP looking back to Watchet and Minehead (see Pic). I had my first encounter with a Nuclear Pwr Station today at Hinkley point, its a bit strange walking around it knowing one falsemove and I could be microwaved :(...did find myself holding my breath as much as possible LOL....I saw some fishermen right by the NPS....would'nt want to eat their catch.....Blinky springs to mind LOL The whole walk took just 5 hrs, and thank you to the kind van driver in Combwich who took pity on me when he saw I'd missed my bus to Bridgewater and gave me a lift.

Walks 35-41......153 miles....1 Week

Walk 35

Made my way to Blue Anchor via Train and Bus, I met a really nice couple on the bus(Jackie and Dean) who were on ther way to Minehead to start the SWCP, I wished them well and thought back to my first least I did'nt have all that camping gear to carry! I had a nice short 7 mile walk to West Quantoxhead which was dry and sunny :) Stopped at a really nice B&B c/w 32in LCD TV in my room! Picture is of W.Quantoxhead church.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Walk 34

Porlock to Blue Anchor 11.5miles

Started the day by driving out to Porlock and parking in the town, then realised I had no water so I went in search of a shop and I found one in the high street run by a guy who comes from New York City! and has been living in deeepest darrkest Somerset for 25years...just totally did not expect the accent! really nice guy and he runs the traditional sweet shop in Porlock if you want to look him up!!!

The weather was very windy today, which managed to blow me up the one and only climb of the day at Bossington, it was a nasty a good mile long :(. The rest of the journey t Minehead was pretty uneventful and finally I made it to the start/finish of the SWCP ( see Pic) The next part of the journey is down to my map reading skills!!! oh dear...........

I walked on to Blue Anchor with the intention of catching the steam train back to Minehead, but just as I was walking into BA the steam rose above the staion and the train chugged past me at the level crossing minus 1 unhappy walker :(.....however this story has a happy ending because stuck in the traffic was a guy in a camper van who obviously saw that I was lookin a little forlawn and he souted over to me "do you need a lift to Minehead?" wayhayyyyyy what a result. So a bit thank you to Alan and his campervan.......hooorarrrrr.

Just for the train spotter amongst you all.......the second pic for you :)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Walk 33

Lynton to Porlock 13miles

I drove to Lynton today, parked up and then hopped onto the cliff railway down to Lynmouth, the cliff railway was built by the Victorians and is completly water powered .....enviro friendly!

The first 2 miles of the walk out of Lynmouth was uphill! the rest of the walk was through forest so I didnt see the sea for most of the day! In amongst the forests I managed to cross the county border into Somerset (hooray! another county other than Devon and Cornwall!) The weather was glorious again and the walking (other than the first bit) was really very easy and flat. I finished the day off with a ride on the open top bus from Porlock to Lynmouth the views were stunning! however it took me 3 days to get the bugs out my teeth :)

Walk 32

Ilfracombe to Lynton 18miles

A bit of a challange today as most people complete ths part of the walk in 2 sections.......I can see why, a lot of up and down valleys ( Great Hangman was really a tough one) right up until 2 miles before the end of the walk! I managed to complete it all in just on 6hrs ( so I didnt miss my bus!) It was another fantastic autumn day and I even had to resort to sun tan lotion:) Picture was taken from Little Hangman looking back towards Ilfracombe.

Walk 32

Croyde to Ilfracombe 13miles

Today was the 1st September and what a glorious autumn day for walking!, sunshine all the way. Luckily the tide was out so I got to walk the whole of the 3 mile stretch along Woolacombe Bay (see Pic). Also, a first wildlife sighting last, 2 seals were basking in the sea in the warm sunshine.
As I walked around the Bull Point lighthouse I had my first sighting of Wales (the country not the mammal!) Stopped in a lovely B&B in Ilfracombe even had my own dressing gown....what luxury! :)

Walk 31

Westward Ho! to Croyde 13 miles

It started raining the moment I put my boots on ....and stopped 4.5hrs later just as todays walk was over :( oh well you cant win em all! The journey was split into 2 walks incorperating 3 buses. The first part of the walk was W/Ho to Appledore then a bus to Barnstable and onto Braunton, 2nd part of walk was from Braunton to Croyde, really easy walking all day today and a fantastic beach at Saunton Sands ( see Pic) to walk accross

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Walk 30

Clovelly to Westward Ho! 13 miles

Started today with a very pleasant train journey to Barnstable followed by a bus journey to Clovelly...still did'nt pay to get in! Weather was very nice again, first 5 miles of the walk was through a forest and very flat at last!. Photo is of Peppercombe bay. The rest of the walk was spent walking up and down'd have thought I'd be used to it by now. Stopped the night in Westward Ho! in a very nice B&B... even had my own lounge! Oh yes a word on Westward ho!....Yuuuuch :(

Walk 29

Elmscott to Clovelly 13miles

A bit bleak for the first 2 hrs today with driving horizontal rain, with only 5 up and down valleys on this section things are getting gradlually easier. Picture is of Spekesmill mouth waterfall which is on of the biggest in Devon. Lundy Island came into view today just after Hartland Quay and kept me company for the rest of the journey. Finished the day in Clovelly....and no I did'nt pay to get in.....bloody cheek :)

Walk 28

Bude to Elmscott 13miles

A nice day for walking ( no shirt day!), all the beaches up the coast were packed with holidaymakers. This sections of the SWCP had been described to me by many people as the toughest part of the whole path and with 12 up and down valleys I tend to agree. At Welcombe I pased back into Devon so thats it now for the whole of Cornwall! I stopped the night in Elmscott YHA.....I know after all I said in a previous blog.... but what can I say, I was desperate and as its peak season I had no alternative. Anyhow the YHA turned out to be very nice, met some people from around the globe.....the beds are still bloody awful :(

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Walk 27

Boscastle to Bude 17miles

I had been warned today was going to be a very tough walk and this was bourne out by the first hill of the day out of Boscastle! a very long a torturous hill, the up and down valleys continued all the way to  Widemouth Bay. Part of todays walk included the highest point in Cornwall at the top of High Cliff, and boy it was windy up there! The final big climb of the day was at Dizzard Point and at a third of the way up I had a "moment" when for the first time on any of these walks I wanted to give up...seriously after 12-13miles of treking up and down these valleys I'd just about had enough.....but I plodded on and reached Bude with and hour to spare before my bus to Camelford.

A foot note to this Blog is that I left Boscastle at 8.55am with a target time for my bus at Bude of 3.25pm (6.5hrs), I spoke to Steve at the B&B who had walked the path a few times and he gave me the "look" of you will never make it mate.......5.5hrs later I'm talking to someone in Bude asking where the bus stops........maybe on that last hill when I wanted to give up I should of checked my watch and then I would have realised why I was tired.............!

Walk 26

Port Issac to Boscastle 15miles

Parked the car in Camelfords "free" car park and took the bus to Port Issac, the bus ride was a complete "white knuckle" ride the driver was using the narrow lanes as though they were all one way in our favour!

A very tough walk today with a lot of up and down valleys, weather was perfect for walking with a nice tail wind. Lots of people on the path today to chat to and different nationalities for a change ( Canadians, Americans, Germans Etc), everyone was really friendly and its nice to see the path getting used. Walked thru Tintagel whcih was heaving, and then onto Boscastle (v.nice...see Pic) I stopped overnight at the Bridgehouse B&B which doubles up as a tea room in the day time!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Walk 25

Padstow to Port Issac 12miles

After a 2 month break from this trek it was nice to see the coast path again! I started on the other side of the bay from Padstow at place called Rock, the first landmark was the beach at Polzeath which is fantastic, pure flat white sand, just lovely. The coast path has dried out nicely now which has bought out every rambler/tomdickandharry onto the coast path ( even another group of school kids, though they were moaning about having to walk 8 miles!). The terrain was pretty easy going untill Port Quin and then it was a 4 mile slog up and down steps and hills, I'd forgotten how tough this can be! Final port of call was Port Issac (See Pic) very nice....did'nt get to see Doc Martin though :(

Walk 24

Mawgan Porth to Padstow 17miles

A really nice days walking today, not to hot not to cold and very flat! 6miles outside of Padstow I went past a group of young school kids and thought "thats nice kiddies on a bit of a ramble" but no they were going all the way to Padstow....nice that the education system gets em exercised!!!

Walk 23

St Agnus to Mawgan Porth 19 miles

Had a nice early start today (6.30am) due to the tide at the River Gannel just outside of Newquay, there is a footbridge you can only cross 1 hr each side of low tide....I made it with 57mins to spare! Walked on thru Newquay which was very busy with surfers and shoppers!

I saw another snake today, this one was very dead so I got a good close look at it, apparently though not deadly to humans if you do get bitten by an Adder you need to go to hospital pretty sharpish :(

Walk 22

Gwithian to St Agnus 17miles

I Started out early so I could visit the seal colony at Gwithia Bay, I had been told there are up to 80 seals on the beach!.....I arrived at 8.30am .....No Seals! typical. Walked on through the rain via Portreath and Porthtowans, later on the tin mines started up again!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Walk 21

St Erth to Gwithian

6 Miles

Nice easy walk of 6 miles today, bit of a grey day and the photo is of Port Kidney beach looking towards Gwithian. Those of you keeping score on this epic! journey I have just passed the 300 mile mark and according to estimates( the whole journey is supposedly 3600miles!) that is 1/12th of the total distance....not far to go now!!!!!

Walk 20

Pendeen To St Erth


I was up early as today was my first veture into new teritory! according to the SWCPA website the journey to St Ives(15 miles) was graded as " Severe" so I was ready for a long slog! My start point was Portheras Cove (Pic) very nice...mentally ready for the walk of walks!!!....well what can I say.....bit of a disapointment really, had a bit of rock climbing on the way and there was a few large up and downs but I ended up arriving in St Ives 3 hours ahead of schedule! so I walk another 5miles onto St Erth.

I did however have a close encounter with a Snake on my journey from Portheras, I was just about to step of yet another rock when I happened to look down and there slithering accross the SWCP was non other than a 12in Adder...bit of a shock really couldnt get my camera out in time though!!!!

Walk 19

Lands End to Pendeen

10 Miles

Barely a breath of air or a cloud in the sky, after a long journey back to Lands End(4.5hrs) involving a car, 2 trains and a bus! At last I was on my way north :) first stop was beautiful Sennan Cove (see Pic) I managed to walk the whole length of the beach c/w a bit of rock climbing at the end!!

The rest of the journey was a disapointment due to the ravages of Cornwalls past...Tin Mining...though I understand its part of the cornish heritage I just wish it could be tided up a bit! My evenings accomodation was in a village called Higher Boscaswell just south of Portheras Cove

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Walks 14,15,16,17 and 18

Walk 14
Falmouth Docks to Maenporth - 3 miles

I had work today first thing and I  then took the train to Falmouth Docks, I walked the 3 miles to Maenporth in horizontal driving rain and got very very wet which thankfully is the first time! Stayed at the Avalon B&B at the end of the beach(see Picture 7) it was by far the best accommodation on any of the walks (5 stars), breakfast was overlooking the beach with the sun shimmering off the sea....what more could you ask for?

Walk 15

Coverack in the distance
Maenporth to Coverack - 16miles

The day started off really well with blue skies all the way to Helford, I didn't have to wait to long for the ferry either..bonus! I walked onto Gillan Creek where it proceeded to pee down! though I did have a bit of luck at Gillan Creek, as there is no "official ferry crossing" I decided to stand on the river bank with my "little lost boy look" (works every time!) and a bloke shouts over to me "y'awlright" and I said "any chance of a lift across this here creek" no problem came the reply that'll cost you £ £2.50 I've ever spent!!! it meant that I avoided a 3 mile hike down and then up river to cross at the bridge. Later on I had to walk thru a disused quarry at was really surreal I thought I was on the set of the Prisoner..........I'm not a prisoner I'm a free man!

Due to other disused quarries I had a fair bit of inland walking today and I got to thinking that I should change my blog to :) Arrived at the B&B at 3.15pm, had a choice of rooms(nice) and tea and bicis was served in the conservatory! (v.nice) During tea I got into a conversation with the landlady of the B&B re the lack of mobile phone reception and she suggested that as I was on Orange the best reception is in the "phone box" down the road!!!! sort of defeats the object of having a mobile really doesn't it

Finally, on Easter day the local people in Coverack go onto the beach to "build a cross" for Easter.........don't be naughty in "that" village if I were you :)

Walk 16

Coverack to Porthleven - 24 miles

Praa Sands
The longest walk in a single day so far.........................Started out at 8.30am it rained so much that at one point even my pants were wet! The conditions were treacherous under foot which caused me to slip over twice today. Walked via Lizard point ( picture 5)and its funny but you very rarely see anyone on these walks but 2 miles before and 2 miles after the Lizard the paths were heaving...loadsanumbties in trainers though!...can't believe people would want to be on the path in footwear like that! Picture 4 is of Porthleven beach which is 3.5miles of pure sand. it was a shame that the tide was in as I could of walked the whole length all the way into town. Stopped overnight at the Harbour Inn, very nice but too loud! Note to myself.....24miles is too much in one day! could hardly walk 20mins after getting up from lying down on the bed!!!!!


Walk 17

Porthleven to Mousehole - 16miles
At last a nice rain and sunshine all the way! Walked across a lovely beach in the morning at Praa Sands (see picture 2) stopped for an ice cream and watched the surfers...hard life this walking! :) Walked via St Micheals Mount,(see picture 3) what a truly stunning piece of architecture! The walking today was very easy and it was the first night that I didn't need to wash my socks!! Accommodation is the Penzance YHA, first time in 20 years I have stopped in a YHA.....when I arrived I was impressed...Cafe, bar and restaurant how things have changed in 20 years....

Walk 18

Mousehole to Lands End - 14miles

Lands End Ahoy!
Lands End
Well what can I say....possibly the worst nights sleep for many a year! I now realise why I haven't been to a YHA for 20 years...having to share a "dorm" with 5 other blokes who proceeded to snore and fart the whole night through!!!!!! never again....when I handed my key back at the end of my stay the girl on the front desk checked I had paid etc and then said " OK Mr West you are free to go" didn't realise I was staying in Stalag 42!!! :(

The Walk to Lands End was very nice except...for the bloody rain! oh well got away without it for 1 day, the going was very easy underfoot and very very busy 2 miles out from Lands End.

The picture really speaks for itself..........its north from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Walk 12 & 13

Walk 12

Mevagissey to Portloe
12 miles

Set myself a bit of a challenge on this walk as I had to do my post round on the same day as this walk! talk about a glutton for punishment.... woke up at 5.30am, breakfast then a 25mile journey to work, preped my round and delivered by 9.10am, home at 9.45am, train to St Austell @ 11.16, bus to Mevagissey arrived 2pm walked 12.3miles arrived at B&B at 5.58pm ( my aim was to arrive at 6pm!) Weather was fine and calm, not too much mud this time but did see a shetland pony on the way ( he must have been a bit lost :) Picture is of Caerhays Castle Nr Portloe...picture is a bit dark due to the fact the light was fading a little by the time I took it!

Walk 13
Portloe to Falmouth
14 miles

After a wonderful nights sleep at the B&B in Portloe I was up and ready for the walk ahead, today was a little strange as I had to order a taxi for 2-2.30pm in advance to pick me up at Place! (see picture of the yellow house)

The walk itself was pretty easy with the added bonus of walking (at last!) across not one but three beaches which was a nice change from mud! (picture is of Pendover Beach) Weather was fine and calm again though a little chilly due to frost in the morning.

I arrived at Place just before 2pm and had to wait for my taxi to St Mawes, reason for the taxi is that the ferry does not start running until Easter :( Once at St Mawes it was then a wait for a ferry to Falmouth then a short walk to the train station and home talk about untilising public transport!!!!

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Walk 9, 10 and 11

Freathy to Looe 12miles

The weather was fantastic 6 deg and very sunny, had a detour around the MOD firing range at the start of the walk...yes they were firing..thought I was in Iraq!. The going was easy untill Portwinkle then it was all up and down to Looe. Just before I hit Looe I had the misfortune of going thru Millendreath...well what can I say................DUMP, talk about "last one out switch the lights out" please! The B&B at Looe was great, a room with a view! Also a mention for the curryhouse in Looe called Moonlight, fantastic food.

Walk 10

Looe to Par


Nice and flat on the way out of Looe, weather fine again. Todays biggest problem was thirst (didn't take enough water! had to drink from a stream in the end which not suprisingly tasted better than tap water) and MUD talk about heavy going...there were places that it was that thick I expected to be passed by a Hippo!. I went thru some of Cornwalls finest fishing villages on the way Polruan, Fowey and Polperro to name but a few. Stopped in Par overnight at a lovely B&B who washed and dried my socks due to there muddy condition! Par itself is spoilt by an enormous factory that is perched on the edge of there massive beach, refused to take a picture of that monstrosity! .

Walk 12


Par to Mevagissey

Walked past the enormous factory...Quickly! then it was on to Carlyon Bay over another golf course (5th one so far not been hit by a ball yet!) weather was fine, encountered the usual amount of mud and a suprisingly a lot of steps today..infact at one point the hill I had to climb had 171 steps, that I believe is a record for me in one go! I also went thru Charlestown where there are 3 Square Riggers in the harbour, these are regularly used on film sets and TV progs. Mevagissey was at the end of the walk and is the nicest of the ports I have been to so far, especially out of season!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Walk 8

Plymouth to Freathy

11 miles

Started from Plymouth with a ferry ride and the sign on the photo was there to greet me when I got across the water! Cornwall here I come :) Had to cut the walk short today due to the fact I had to take the doggy with me (see other photo) the going was very easy and the weather was cold but calm...I think the dog coped well as he has never walked more than 2 or 3 miles in one go...infact I dont think he was lagging behind at the end due to tiredness...I just think he was bored :)

Walk 6 and 7

Bigbury on Sea to Plymouth

27 miles

My first walk with a stopover.

First part of the walk was from Bigbury to Newton Ferrers (16miles). this included having to wade across the river Erme, so shoes and socks off and into the ICY water up to my thigh...current was a bit quick in the middle as well! Stopped over night in Newton Ferrers (see bottom photo) went to the pub in the evening and a BIG shout for the lovely people in the Dolphin Inn that made me welcome as soon as I walked in the door, thanks for the game of darts...double favorite! oh yea the food was great as well!

Second part of the walk was from Wembury to Plymouth (11 miles) thanks to Jill at the B&B for the lift round to Wembury this is due again to the fact that the ferry only runs in summer. I saw a few Exmoor ponies running wild. Second photo (top) is of Wembury church...aparently a very popular location for having your wedding!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Walk 5: Salcombe to Aveton Gifford
16.5 miles
Chucked it down with rain for the first 2 miles, then sunshine all the way. Easy/Medium walking, a few hills but the killer was the extra 4 miles you have to walk due to the fact that the Bigbury Ferry only runs during the high season! It took 4hrs and 40mins not bad for an old timer! :) Photo is of Burgh island, the white building is a hotel and the most expensive room is £600.00 per night...oooooooooooowwwch

Walk 4 : Torcross to Salcombe
14.5 miles
Nice and easy walk, got a little lost just outside Torcross and had to battle my way through some "undergrowth" to get back on course! Weather was calm and no snow! I had a pleasant walk to the Start Point lighthouse (see photo) but unfortuantley it was shut :(