Sunday, 10 October 2010

Walk 42

Cadoxton to Llantwit Major 15 miles

Started from Cadoxton in glorious sunshine, first port of call was Barry where I picked up the coastal path that would take me now all the way to Llantwit, I passed via Rhoose on the way where ther is a sign comemorating the fact that this is the most southerly point of Wales. Its a bit strange to look across the bay to England and where only 7 days go I was walking!! the coastal path into Llantwit had a few ups and downs but I managed to finish the walk and catch my train with 40 mins to spare. :)

I would like at this point to say a big "Thank You" to my friend Ken who lives in Rhoose and not only did he provide me with 3 nights quality accomodation, but ferried me to my start point on 2 days and rescued me from Cadoxton when I was nearly on my knees on Friday the "Wet Day" Cheers Ken. :) :) :)

Walk 41

St Brides to Cadoxton 24.5 miles

A very wet and windy day to start October with, especially when you have to walk the first 6 miles into it along the top of a levee!!!!, the next few miles were along roads into Cardiff where I managed to be drenched 3 times by passing cars and puddles! Then across the barrage at Cardiff Bay (another neat bit of kit) onto Penarth which is nice even though its a bit run down. I picked up a new coastal path just outside of Penarth which took me all the way to Barry Docks, in between the two places I did have to take a detour across rocks from Lanrock to Swanbridge which was a bit stupid of me because I had no clue if the tide was coming in or going out and it was 1/2 a mile! The Camera got so wet today it packed up halfway through the walk!!!! Managed to fall over twice today which is the first time since Bigbury on Sea!!!

Walk 40

Chepstow to St Brides Wentlooge 23.5 miles

A nice sunny day today, at last I have learnt my lesson re OS map footpaths and I stuck to the roads like glue! Not much to tell today as everything was very flat......the highlight of the day was my trip on the Transporter bridge at Newport....what a neat bit of kit! (see Pic)

Walk 39

Portishead to Chepstow 19miles

Weather forcast for the day was Rain all the way....thank you for getting that wrong! Walked out of Portishead onto Avonmouth (which was a really grim place) then across the river Avon via the M5 bridge (see Pic) mostly roads again today until the first Severn bridge at Severn Beach, I had my lunch under the bridge which was a bit surreal, the rest of the jourey was across fields to the "old" Severn bridge. The walk across the bridge into Wales was a very strange feeling...hard to explain really......I walked through 3 different counties today Avon, Gloucestershire and Monmouthshire.......remind me to tell the story of the Ryder Cup tickets.....very interesting if true! Second pic is of the Severn bridge

Walk 38

Weston to Portishead 26 miles

Another milage cock up today, should have been only 17 miles........! The sun shone for most of the day so musn't complain. A very different walk today due to the fact that I lost sight of the sea for most of the day and encountered a few probelms with the OS map again. First problem was early on in the day when I encountered the enquisitive "cow"....well a whole herd in fact!....I chickened out and was seen leggin it towards the gate I had come through persued by 20 or so fresians!!!! The second problem was later on in the day when I followed the OS map public right of way footpath across a field only to be met in the next field by 8ft high maize plants, I tried to hack my way through but 1/3 the way across I gave up, this was a day of doubling back on myself :( this explained why today took 8.5hrs. Todays journey also took me across the M5 twice and the West Coast Mainline twice! Eventually I reached Clevedon and from there on to Portishead was the one of the most welcome of coastal paths I have have ever seen :)

The B&B was fantastic c/w a huge bed, and after a hard days walking I had my first bath in 15 years!!!!!!

Walk 37

Huntspill to Weston 21mles

After getting a lift to Bridgwater and a bus to Huntspill (only way to get across the river!) I stopped overnight at the Ilex House B&B, now the woman who runs this establishment is the archityple dragon landlady! talk about giving me the 3rd degree as soon as I walked in the door.....and opinionated, don't even get me started!!!!. Today was only supposed to be a 17mile day but turned into a 21mile day due to mistakes on the OS map where in places it shows a bridge across a river and there ain't one :( It was a grey day all round today as I trudged on through Burnham, Brean and then onto Weston. Pic was taken at the top of Brean Downs

Walk 36

West Quantoxhead to Combwich 17miles

A great start to the day with crisp clear Autumn skys and a nice cool breeze, ideal for walking. First stop of the day was along the WSCP looking back to Watchet and Minehead (see Pic). I had my first encounter with a Nuclear Pwr Station today at Hinkley point, its a bit strange walking around it knowing one falsemove and I could be microwaved :(...did find myself holding my breath as much as possible LOL....I saw some fishermen right by the NPS....would'nt want to eat their catch.....Blinky springs to mind LOL The whole walk took just 5 hrs, and thank you to the kind van driver in Combwich who took pity on me when he saw I'd missed my bus to Bridgewater and gave me a lift.

Walks 35-41......153 miles....1 Week

Walk 35

Made my way to Blue Anchor via Train and Bus, I met a really nice couple on the bus(Jackie and Dean) who were on ther way to Minehead to start the SWCP, I wished them well and thought back to my first least I did'nt have all that camping gear to carry! I had a nice short 7 mile walk to West Quantoxhead which was dry and sunny :) Stopped at a really nice B&B c/w 32in LCD TV in my room! Picture is of W.Quantoxhead church.