Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Walk 229

Amble to Blyth 23miles

A day of many beach walks starting with a small one that turned into a 9 mile trek along Druridge Bay. I stopped at the start of my walk to take a photo of Coquet Island which is the main island of the Farne Islands it looked very picturesque in the shimmering morning sunlight.

Coquet Island
As I was walking along the main stretch of sand at Druridge Bay I noticed up ahead some tents in the dunes to my right,  but these were no ordinary tents these were the type you would normally see on the film set of a film about medieval times, very strange and then the people on horses arrived and just rode around in circles! even after I was way in the distance I could still see them riding around in circles!!

Druridge Bay horses and tents
At the end of Druridge Bay is the village of Cresswell and this marks the end of the Northumberland Coast Path.
the end or beginning of the Northumberland Coast Path
I stopped in Creswell for a celebratory Ice Cream (raspberry ripple).  The coast path now turned to coast road and just after Lynemouth the road headed inland due to the proximity of a large power station by the coast. It was on this road that I spotted a woman coming towards me on the other side of the road pulling a 2 wheel cart, she stopped to rearrange her stuff and then went past me, neither of us made eye contact ( I figured that she was a bit stressed with the cart!) so we just passed,  I did look round afterwards (as she had stopped again) and noticed a flag on the back of here cart saying " Anna's World Walk" I looked her up on the web later on that day and Anna is walking around the world to raise awareness of people who do not have clean running water.  That brief encounter with Anna certainly put my walk into perspective....5000 miles PAH! that's just a walk to the shops compared with what Anna's trying to complete.
                 The road wound in and out of Woodham eventually arriving in Newbiggin- by- the - sea. Once passed Newbiggin I managed to get onto the beach at Spital Point, after yesterday's disappointment at not being able to cross the river at Alnmouth I decided to have a go at crossing the river just before Cambois, and I was lucky as it was low tide! I took off my boots and socks and went for it! The river was reasonably fast and deep in the middle but I ploughed on regardless and made it across safely :).
                Just before North Blyth I headed inland and the rest of today's walk was along busy roads and very forgettable.

Accommodation: I stopped with a family member in Whitley Bay

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